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After spending 25 years being a real estate consultant I’ve decided to turn the table and coach other successful Realtors wanting to learn how to be on the top of their game. So I found myself one day sitting at Starbucks sipping on a coffee in the fall of 2012 asking the question, “what next”? Then I realized, real estate was being done outside the offices, the need for virtual assistants, coaches and technology has finally evolved into a competitive industry.

I started selling in 1986 with thermo paper printers, a fax machine and MLS books from our local board of Realtors (house located in a residential neighborhood). No computers, corporate accounts or strategy for real estate in a small growing town of Orlando, Fl. And by 2012 I have serviced more than 7000 clients, networking with 400+ corporate relocation, referral and corporate accounts nationwide. Knowledge and being certified in specialized areas was obsolete and understanding economics, technology, software and how attorney’s, title companies, banks communicate was a must. Experience in sales, management and marketing just wasn’t enough.

Lesson learned. You must give away what you have been so freely given by mentoring, training, service and community involvement.

The goal at Virtual Coach Real Estate is to free up 65% of the agents time for education, team building, networking, retirement plans and strategizing to stay competitive. To allow the agent to build passive income stream, work 40 hours and be in control of their personal lives. Paid vacations, retirement and saving plans are our first topic of discussion when coaching an agent, lesson learned. : )

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About virtualcoachrealestate

Providing coaching and vitual assistants to individuals and teams specializing in mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing for commercial and residential real estate.
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