Why hire a coach in real estate?

The answer is simple. To be more productive of course.

But how? Simple to!

Accountability with the right tools to succeed. Setting a business model and foundation is key. So lets not discuss what is wrong but what other successful agents are doing. Why reinvent when we can emulate them.

Where does one begin, how much and why us?

Tom Songer has built, managed, trained teams for over a decade. Tom started selling in 1986 with thermo paper printers, a fax machine and MLS books from our local board of Realtors (house located in a residential neighborhood). No computers, corporate accounts or strategy for real estate in a small growing town of Orlando, Fl. And by 2012 I have serviced more than 7000 clients, networking with 400+ corporate relocation, referral and corporate accounts nationwide. Knowledge and being certified in specialized areas was obsolete and understanding economics, technology, software and how attorney’s, title companies, banks communicate was a must. Experience in sales, management and marketing just wasn’t enough.

We will take a look at every area of your business, offers ideas and solutions for systems that may be missing or items that need to be tweaked. We work on the nuts and bolts of YOUR business. We have expertise in every area of your real estate business, and offer that expertise to you. Some of the systems that they will help you implement are:

Virtual Assistants (and why they work)
Administrative & Database Systems
Lead Generation Systems
Agent Training & Accountability
Lead Generation, IVR Systems
Advertising Effectiveness
Tracking Systems
Tele-Prospecting Training
Expense Management


About virtualcoachrealestate

Providing coaching and vitual assistants to individuals and teams specializing in mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing for commercial and residential real estate.
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