Want to outpace the competition?


Sure, it’s one thing to get a listing, but you’ll only collect a check if that home sells.

Going back to traditional real estate 101

Set client expectations
Price homes with a “seller-proof” action plan
Create marketing materials that attract buyers
Sell listings faster than anyone else!
Transitioning from Sales to Marketing

The real estate industry is experiencing a transition – one from sales to marketing. And Realtors that can’t make the switch will miss the boat, so to speak. Marketing is about providing superior customer service to clients and then leveraging their satisfaction to bring in new business. Marketing is about getting prospects to come to you – they will call you first! Marketing is about spending less time finding and converting prospects and more time servicing clients.

Why don’t most Realtors do this? I recently asked a friend what he thought of some of his neighborhood Realtor’s marketing materials. He laughed and told me that he could easily photocopy a picture of his house and stick it in people’s doors. That would never persuade him to use a Realtor to sell his house – why should he pay the 5% commission fee when he could do it himself? It seems that many Realtors can’t make the transition. They continue to struggle with their old salesmanship ways, always looking for their next paycheck.

Let us show you a full proof way of running a business than chasing one today.


About virtualcoachrealestate

Providing coaching and vitual assistants to individuals and teams specializing in mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing for commercial and residential real estate.
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