20 Ways To Get Better Leads


21 Ways to get better quality leads

Starts with your website(s) and blog(s) content.
Keeping it simple and not busy at the same time

Hyperlinks in your blogs direct traffic to the appropriate lead generators.

Buyer websites draw better “local” qualified buyers.

Seller websites tell clients who you are. Don’t be a jack of all trades on one site.

Track them. Google analytics…it’s free!

Use a Z format on your sites for mouse and eye tracking. Make it easy for your clients to search your site.

Force registration. They will register or you don’t want them.

Call to action “capture” signs

QR codes don’t work on sites. FYI LOL

Must give direct 24 hour phone number and email address that will respond within 15 minutes

Use Zopin.com for all your websites

Set up “Retargeting” with Adwords on google

SEO Organically using search engines
Why Pay Per Click today? Stop!

Google Panda update

Unique, quality and local only content

Adding listing blog hyperlinks

Key worlds on front page continuously

Keywords on title and subtitle pages

Links from other people companies Myoutdesk.com does this for a fee

Photos on google come from activerain 20% of the business FYI Use it 🙂

Tour factory creates a video from your listing, bldg, condos

Load with details in keyworks and tags

Google Alerts

And finally, KISS – Keep It Simple SEOrganically 🙂

Get ideas from real estate mega agents “How to book, on eSocial for Real Estate agents…for $5 (120 Pages)

What is a Virtual Assistant? Are you one? Or need one?

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who (from a remote location, usually their home or office) support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.

Not sure exactly how a Virtual Assistant can support you?

About virtualcoachrealestate

Providing coaching and vitual assistants to individuals and teams specializing in mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing for commercial and residential real estate.
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