5 Lead Generation Mistakes


Lots of smart people make these 5 mistakes.

They only seem stupid after you think about them.

Review your websites and blogs and make these updates and I am certain
you will improve your chances at lead generation.

1) Phone Number on Every Page

Don’t make the visitor find your
contact us link – put your phone number on every page if you want calls.

2) Imagine any page in the site is the first and only page someone will see.

Your call to action must be obvious and be on every page in your website.
Searchers can land on any page.

3) Limit Distractions –

Review everything on your site – anything that does not
have a purpose take out. Purposes include SEO, Lead Generation and
building credibility.

4) Automate Followup –

At a minimum use an autoresponder to automate
faster followup. Tools like this will increase conversion.

5) Know what your keywords of value are and target them.

Use this tool.

To those of use that have built effective lead generation engines this seems
obvious. But if you are doing this for the first time these may not be things
you have thought of before.

Leads are as good as its generation.

Happy selling!


About virtualcoachrealestate

Providing coaching and vitual assistants to individuals and teams specializing in mergers, acquisitions, sales, marketing for commercial and residential real estate.
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