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eSocial Marketing
“Let The Client Find You”

Coaches say, “Social media marketing should drive traffic to your website, but some social nets are closed off from search engines. Could this be LinkedIn’s or ActiveRain’s secret advantage over Facebook Business approach?” – Mathew Ferrara

Consider Your Approach
“Where would you search and what”?

Fact: No matter how much you post, share or comment inside the Facebook or Twitter networks, your organic content will never be found by anyone searching outside the network.

The key is to do it on the right social networks.

That means LinkedIn, ActiveRain, and Google+ because of its open accessibility to search engines. Imagine every comment, answer, web link or suggestion to a question driving traffic to your website. Suddenly, spending time with others on social media becomes evergreen value for years, a permanent part of the open, world wide web.

WordPress is known for sharing your expertise a

Open Up Forums

Fact: Building relationships with folks online builds character and reputation with an added bonus to get free advertising to millions who are watching.

The key here is “not to sell” but share your experience and product.

If your new or a veteran in the industry, try asking questions. You’ll be surprised to hear what you need to hear. Ask for help! Ask for their experience! But by all means, let others know you had a similar experience.

Warning: Every answer to a question becomes a traffic generator on these networks. So think before your share

“Sellers seek out listing agent (44% of the time) by referral of others based on reputation” – NAR

Now that’s a great way to create low-cost, never-ending social and search engine traffic to your website. Be organic!

Pick Your Word Wisely
Folks are watching

Everyone enjoys the benefits of searchable organic content daily. Successful SEO strategies target simple word combinations. That’s why conversational content works: we don’t search for “Realtor Orlando” but “homes in downtown Orlando” Searched is used like a “bionic ear” to listen to the internet’s ongoing human conversation. We’re looking for other people’s everyday words, comments, testimonials, and answers to help us.

For example

I changed “My Blog” to say Social Media Marketing

I changed my Facebook fan page to say Facebook Marketing

What an incredibly easy way to boost your rankings in the search engines! Be sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible before your next client enters your main keyword(s) and finds your competition.

Promoting Your Blog Feed

It is also possible to import your WordPress “Coaching” blog feed to your profile by searching for the WordPress application. This is a quick way for others to scan your blog content at a glance.

Promote your blog and develop your personal brand. Everyone knows blogs are the best way to cultivate your personal brand. Now you can share your thoughts and insights on your blog on your professional home, LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at a few groups on LinkedIn:

Social Media Today—18,078 members at the time of this writing

On Startups—Community of Entrepreneurs—123,680 members at the time of this writing

Real Estate Open Networkers—17,795 members at the time of this writing

Can you imagine having access to this many people at your fingertips?

Getting Recommendations to Attract More Clients

Recommendations are one of the unique features of LinkedIn that sets it apart from other social media networks. What better way to really market your business than by having your colleagues and clients share your expertise?

I’m sure your next question is, “How can I obtain recommendations?” The best way is to live by the old adage:

“Give and you shall receive.”

Recommend your peers and they will return the favor. This is one area that I need to work on this year. It doesn’t take that much time, but if we don’t make it a focus, it won’t happen.

Happy Selling!

Tom Songer

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