Brainstorm Your Vision And Mission Statement For Goals 2013


Begin with a Vision and Mission Statement

Creating both a vision and mission statement will is something that will help ensure that you follow your dreams and achieve the goals that are most important to you. The benefit is that you’ll find it easier to identify and set your goals, and you’ll be more focused in your life. You can use both your vision and mission to help you with important life decisions that need to be made. They provide guiding philosophies that inform our actions and keep ourselves living with purpose.

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The Vision Statement

A vision statement is based on personal values, beliefs and captures our ultimate purpose or calling in life. It involves us envisioning our future and capturing big picture what we stand for and what we see happening for ourselves. It is an overarching, broad based picture of who we are and what we have to offer the world. It does not address the how behind your vision. That is the aim of your mission statement. Both your vision and mission statement are dynamic and not static – overtime they may develop and evolve. Here is an example of one of my own vision statements:
Supporting and facilitating others’ achievement of their dreams and goals, and igniting their passion, self-awareness and confidence for what’s possible.

The Mission Statement

A mission statement follows from the vision statement by outlining the process behind which the vision will be achieved. It points toward the “how-to”, the execution and functions by which your vision will be lived. It is more detail-oriented than the vision statement, and more concrete and tangible. It reminds of whether we are on track or off track with the goals that we set. Here is an example of one my personal mission statements:

To provide others with counselling, coaching, education, tools, resources, life changing insights, and reliable strategies that will facilitate the achievement of their life goals.
Both your vision statement and mission statement will help you to prioritize your goals.



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