Are You Successful In Core Values Beliefs And Risks


Respect? Achievements? Money?
Respect from others!

Respect is the meaning of success. If you can get all three, that’s fulfillment. Some rarely get two and obtain it for a long time. Where do we go wrong? There are always stumbling blocks along the way. by keeping our core values close by our hearts, written down and visiting them daily, we never lose sight of the next person, place or thing.

Core Values

If we don’t have a core value start from the beginning i.e., being there to tuck our children in at night, our spouses, family, parents or even our dog, Cannot be of service to myself. I must give of myself and not measure success on the achievement or success from others, but how I got There. I know, I was there.

Stop Listen Learn
Take time to HEAR (not see) what you can do for the next person

“Do unto others as you would want them do onto you”. Or how about “Treat others as you would want to be treated” Two great examples of early quotations I was brought up with. I lost track by focusing on providing for my family and not giving to my family.

We Learn Best By Experience

According to Benjamin Bloom’s “Taxonomy of Learning” theory, there are three domains of learning: thinking, feeling and doing. And guess what? Of course, they are all related to memory, but they also involve tying emotions to those memories. When someone gives us advice, the experience usually isn’t emotional. We listen, maybe even try to remember, but unless it evokes a strong feeling, it’ll always just be advice instead of a lesson learned.

Change your environment! “Your a product of your environment”

Hard Wired For Living

Determine Your Personal Values
Some of many personal values

Job Tranquility
Avoid pressure & “the rat race” in job role & work setting

Engage in activities which pit my abilities against others

Have work duties, which involve frequent risk taking

Be assured of keeping my job and a reasonable financial award

Power & Authority
Control the work activities or (partially) the destinies of others

Work alone
Do projects by myself without any amount of contact with others

Help others
Be involved in helping people directly, either individually or in small groups

Physical challenge
Have a job that requires bodily strength, speed or agility

Work relationships
Have close working relationships with groups; work as a team to common goals

Research has shown that being in touch with your personal values contribute significantly to motivation.

It is very difficult to stay motivated for a job that is either contrary to, or not an expression of ones values.

In fact, clarity of personal values has been shown to be more significant in determining organizational commitment than clarity of organizational values.

Have fun with this exercise and everything you do.

Happy Selling!



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